Aspects of what is… right now

As I walked up to the downtown bus station this afternoon, between lunch and diksha, I was struck by the deep silence everything was arising within and as, and I took some time exploring the different aspects of what was alive right there and then (and now)…

A deep silence and stillness everything arises within and as, that allows all form, all sounds, all movement. It is beyond deep, free from deep. It is a formless silence, arising as and allowing all forms.

A sense of crystal clarity, although right now with a sense of fullness, smoothness. This too as formless, arising as and allowing form.

Awake emptiness as form.

Luminous darkness, formless allowing and arising as all form. As Almaas said it, there is a sense of this luminous darkness peering out through all form.

Each of these, the silence/stillness, the crystal clarity, the awake emptiness and the luminous darkness, arises as and allows all form.

At the same time, there is a sense of the field being slightly condensed around the head area, giving a slight sense of an I here as a center of the field. But this too arises as awake emptiness, crystal clarity, luminous darkness, and silence and stillness. There is a sense of a slightly separate I there, and that is more than OK.., it is an essential part of the process right now, and may or may not change at any time. That too is God, and God’s will, right now.

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