Outer mirroring the inner

The outer mirrors the inner in many different ways.

Big Mind

First, as Big Mind the outer mirror the inner in that everything arising is awake emptiness and form, absent of I. It is all Big Mind perceiving itself. And since there isn’t an I and Other, there isn’t any outside and inside, and no real mirroring going on. It is immediate. Whatever arises is Spirit arising as and to itself.

Individual level

Then, there is the mirroring at our individual soul and human levels.

At our human level, there is a psychological mirroring. Whatever qualities and characteristics I see out there is also in here, in my own life. I recognize it out there because I know it from my own life.

At our soul level, the physical universe mirrors aspects of essence or of subtle energies. The blackness out there mirrors the fertile blackness of Spirit as it appears when filtered through the belly center. The luminosity out there, of the sun, stars and any other source of light, mirrors the inner luminosity of Spirit filtered through the head center.

At the level of essence, there is a direct experience of blackness, luminosity and so on. It is what is closest to immediate experience, and the words are not used as psychological metaphors as they are on the psychological level.

Three aspects

Each of these are equally important, they each fill out the picture.

Whatever arises is awake emptiness and form, Spirit arising to and as itself.

Whatever arises out there are reflections of psychological qualities in here.

And what arises out there mirrors aspects of essence and subtle energies which can be directly experienced in here.

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