Practices surfacing

It seems that many practices surface on their own these days…

This morning, I noticed lots of hangups coming up…. over someone delivering soggy firewood to us, careless housemates, the infernal rain… And then, a very tangible sense of this all coming from the soft little animal. This little vulnerable animal, which has been hurt, scared, confused, lost, so many times over its life (especially early on, when everything was new and utterly confusing.)

So instead of going into the contractions and stories coming up, there was space around it, and also a deep compassion for their source – which is this vulnerable, scared, hurt, confused little animal. This human self, as an animal, trying to find its way in this world, and sometimes being quite reactive and contracted. There was deep compassion for this little animal, and a seeing, feeling into, and loving of it. Holding it in gentle love, allowing it to relax, unwind, maybe even heal a little.

This is what many intentional processes do, such as Process Work, Voice Dialog and other ones, but it is nice when it surfaces on its own, as a spontaneous practice. A practiceless practice.

Another one that has come up for me over the last few days is the question is this worth getting contacted over? So far, the answer has always been no, and a release of the contraction.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m not really sure what you mean by “… is this worth getting contacted over? So far, the answer has always been no,..” but for some reason I got triggert to give you a reaction. A few days ago I discovered your blog and I think your writing is quite interesting. Maybe a bit very almaas-like but I think it is sincere and for me it is quite special! I mean I do not know a lot of people writing that much and that intensive and well ordered about this kind of subject. I’m thinking about it know for a few days so maybe you were only sensing my thinking about you 😉 Last sunday I did in Amsterdam my first big mind workshop with genpo roshi. I guess this must have atuned me to your frequency. Anyhow at least you solved for me the riddle of the relation between the 3 buddha statues in my house that I collected through the years. I did know abou the mind and the heart buddha but that hotai is the belly buddha. And how they are interconnected. Wow that made things fit!
    Well This is enough for know. You can contact me, if you wish to, at


    Bert Snabel

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