Transcend and include

Lately, the process of transcend and include has also been vivid for me.

I see, as Ken Wilber describes it, how that which is taken as an “I” gradually becomes a “me”.

In particular, I see how all various identities (of I, gender, wants, etc.) switch between being taken as an I, as a subject, as that which splits the world into I and Other, and as a me, an object, a thread in the tapestry of what arises.

When they become a me, a thread in the tapestry, there is a sense of ease. They are still there, but just as a part of the landscape. There is a release of identification with it.

It is there, available, ready to be used by this human self in whatever way comes up for it to use it, but absent of I. There is just a sense of ease.

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