Two ways of appearing as abstract

Essence and Big Mind as abstract

Whatever we are not familiar with will appear as abstract for us. So naturally, if we are exclusively identified with this human self and the personality, then the realm of awakened essence and Big Mind will appear as abstract. Appealing maybe, or not, but always as abstract. They will appear as just ideas, fanciful notions, because that is all they are to us.

The life of identification with the personality as abstract

From the other side, of Big Mind awakened to itself, or of awakened essence (individual soul), the life of identification with the personality appears as abstract, although in a different ways. It is a life of belief in ideas, thoughts, abstractions. It is a life lived through the filters of beliefs and identities. There is a belief that I am a segment of what is, that I am this individual self, that I am a human, from a particular nation, of a particular age, with such and such preferences.

From Big Mind awakened to itself, or even awakened essence, these are all revealed as just ideas, beliefs in abstractions. Many of these identities may be true (to some extent, and even then in a limited way) for this individual human self and soul, but there is no individual I there.

There is just awake emptiness and form, with no I and Other anywhere, yet still functionally connected with an individual soul and human self. Ideas and thoughts are just ideas and thoughts, helpful for this human self to navigate and orient in the world of form, but that is about it. They to are absent of any I.


So here too, there is a mirror.

When we are caught up in beliefs and an exclusive identity with our human self, anything concerning Big Mind and essence will appear as abstract. As fantasies. Or at most, as ideas we can believe in (or rather, want and try to believe in).

And when Big Mind awakens to itself, or even when the individual essence (soul) awakens, it is clear that being caught up in these beliefs is being caught up in abstractions, in ideas about existence, rather than existence awakening to itself as Big Mind or essence.

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