Projections – of what is alive here and now

In reading Brad Warner’s post on the Big Mind process, I took the opportunity to explore my own shadows. From my most juvenile and petty aspect, a voice said “this is just an emotional rant with no substance.”

And as usual, when I look at this, I find that what I see in him describes me in that very moment. In seeing his post as an emotional rant with no substance, I am engaging in exactly the same – an emotional (reactive) rant (story) with no substance (not based on much and not very informative, apart from describing what is going on for me right here and now.)

Something arises. It doesn’t fit a particular identity I am identified with. So I put it out there, on the most convenient target – in this case BW’s post.

It is very simple. Very obvious, when I take the time to look. Very humbling. Revealing the inherent neutrality of any situation, when the story is taken out of it.

More details

Here is another way to look at it…

  • Something arises in space: a (metaphorical) stick with two ends. Right and wrong, mature and immature, kind and unkind, and so on.
  • At one level, closer to the absolute, it belongs to no individual. It just arises.
  • At another level, closer to the relative, we can say it belongs to this individual, to me.
  • Space is split, into I here and Other there.
  • One end of the stick is here, with me (for instance right, mature, kind, etc.)
  • The other end of the stick is there, with you or them (wrong, immature, unkind)

It is also interesting to note that to an innocent and more dispassionate bystander, I will be seen as expressing both. My conscious image, reflected in my words, is that I am right and mature. But the emotional tone will most likely be of someone who is defending a position (afraid of being wrong), and of someone who is reactive (emotionally immature.)

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