Vulnerable little animal

This has come up for me recently… how I, at my human level, is just a vulnerable little animal, and how all the human drama is wrapped up in this.

As a little animal, I am vulnerable… tiny in a big world… ultimately at the mercy of my surroundings.

From this comes all the human drama… hope, fear, longing, suffering, denial, joy, sadness, contentment, grief, ecstasy, reactiveness, hostility, feeling lost, feeling belonging, discomfort… the whole package, comes right out of that.

And all this little vulnerable animal wants and needs is to be seen and loved. To be held in love and compassion… to soak in it… as it is, with no need to change… and in that, it does change… it does realign… reorient… knots untie… hangups unravel…

I can find myself as deep love and compassion (Big Heart) and allow all of my human self, all of the different parts, soak in this… softening… allowing the hard edges to soften…

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