Working at three levels of being, and their mutual influences

Working on our three levels of being, we notice that they influence each other in different ways. An opening or clarification at one level tends to invite an opening and clarification at the other two levels.

There is also an important shared pattern among all of the levels: releasing identification with form makes it easier to allow any content of awareness, which in turn allows for a deepening into the fullness of who we are as soul and human, and a noticing of what we are as Spirit – awake emptiness and form, inherently absent of a separate self.

Spirit level

Noticing ourselves as awake emptiness reduces (an exclusive) identification with form, which means a more full allowing of any content of awareness, which in turn means a deepening into who we are at soul and human levels.

When there is a reduced or no belief in a separate self, and all the identities that comes with it, there is an easier embrace of whatever emerges at our individual level.

Soul level

Finding ourselves as the alive presence, or fertile darkness, or luminous blackness, or even the indwelling God, gives a sense of coming home and of nurturing which also allows us to relax our grip on identities. This in turn makes it easier to find ourselves as awake emptiness, and also to deepen into who we are as a human being (and soul.)

Human level

At our human level, there is the same pattern of releasing identification with identities and beliefs. Our hangups, drama, struggle and reactiveness all comes from identification with form, including a belief in stories and ideas, taking what has only a relative and limited truth as an absolute truth, and living as if it was so.

Releasing our grip on these stories, and seeing the relative truth in a wide range of stories including the reversals of the initial one, is also a release of a blind identification with particular identities, and with form in general.

And this allows for a wider embrace of our fullness as a human being and as soul, and for noticing ourselves also as awake emptiness.

Each level contributing

Any system is a whole, and changes in a system can occur through many access points.

Working on ourselves exclusively at either one of our three levels may be sufficient to shift the whole system – allowing for an awakening to what we are (awake emptiness and form, with no separate self) and a deepening into the fullness of who we are, as soul and human beings.

But a more comprehensive approach is easier in many ways.

All (?) knots are at our human level, coming from an identification with form and a belief in stories and ideas. These are the ones that limit who we find ourselves as, on human and soul levels, and distracts us from noticing what we are at the Spirit level.

Some of these knots are more easily untied when we work with our human level, others by bringing in the soul level, and other again by noticing ourselves as awake emptiness.

2 thoughts to “Working at three levels of being, and their mutual influences”

  1. Lovely organizing, thank you ~ As to the “(?)” after “All (?) knots”: I would offer up a logic that short of complete release, knots exist, so therefore there are necessarily knots on what you’re naming the Soul Level…
    ~ Mayananda

  2. Hi Mayananda, and thanks! I am actually not sure what I think there. Could be.

    When I look at knots, they seem to be a combination of attachment to thoughts (taking stories, ideas, identities as absolutely true), and the following emotional components including reactivity. This all happens at the human level (thoughts, emotions, energies, daily life.)

    I am not sure if they can happen at the soul level as well… They certainly obscure and distort the experience and expression of the soul level, but I don’t know beyond that.

    On the other hand, the only thing that is certainly not knotted is pure awareness and the void (awake emptiness). Since both the human and the soul levels seem to happen more as content of this awake/awareness, it is quite possible that there can be knots in both areas.


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