A gift of worms

It is natural for us to assume that how it is for ourselves is how it is for others.

Our cat, Luna, loves nothing more than worms and snakes (apart from maybe being brushed), so she regularly leaves us a gift of either worms or snakes on the doormat, or on the floor if the door happens to be open.

Kids often do the same, giving others what they themselves like to receive. Adults sometimes do that as well.

And the same is the case in many other areas of life.

We find an approach that works for us, so tell everyone about it and want them to try it. We experience a particular flavor of a process, and assume that is how it is for others as well.

It is just another form of projection. We know something from our own life, so see it (or assume it will be) everywhere.

It is of course true that if it happened once, something similar may happen again, and we can always find examples of people for whom similar things work and similar processes unfold. But in all areas of life, there are many general categories of process, of flavors of the unfolding, and of what works.

For some, raw food works great, and for others it is not a good idea at all. For some, inquiry helps untie knots, while there is no attraction there for others. For some, awakening is fast, for others slow… for some easy, for others dramatic.

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