Art and matching

My teacher's portrait of me at the time

In my teens and early twenties, I was into drawing and painting… especially the style that incorporates and embraces polarities, such as figurative and abstract, colors and shades, aesthetics and content, and so on.

So here is one way of looking at art (as I did back then, and now)…

  • For its own sake, as a local expression of life, existence, God.
  • For the one it is coming through, as an exploration process of life, existence, what is alive here now.
  • For the audience, as a mirror of themselves and a trigger for their stories, whether they feel drawn to it or not.
  • For the audience when they are drawn to it, as a match between the art and the recipient. Any match, even for just one person, and it is worth it only on this level.
  • In terms of conventional quality, as evaluated on skills, content, and so on.

For me, the last point was important only as it related to the second, third and fourth ones. For example, skills enhance the exploration process and can make it more clear and differentiated, and it also aids the mirroring and the likelihood of a match. And a multi-layered content, drawing on cultural references, functioning on many levels of being, does the same.

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