Dream: in the mountains

I am in the mountains with a group of other people. The landscape is amazingly beautiful… rolling forms of brilliantly white snow, a sky that is blue with streams of silvery luminous clouds at the horizon, a silvery sun lighting up the landscape in a brilliantly clear light… it is as if the silvery brilliantly clear light is shining from within the landscape and the sky.

But I am not able to enjoy it fully. Something feels a little off… not with the landscape, but right here. Something is not quite resolved.

This dream, as simple as it is in content, has stayed with me since I woke up. It has a numinous quality. In a way, it is a (small) Big dream, as Jung called it. As I started writing it down, I found it difficult to describe the silvery, brilliantly clear, luminous, velvety soft quality of the landscape and the sky… and as the words started coming, I realized that the quality of the landscape is that of the shift in my experiences of air, water, and tactile sensations… The dream is reflecting that shift. It seems to be another phase of the endarkenment… silvery as the moon… brilliantly clear as mountain air… velvety smooth, full and rounded…

I am not quite able to enjoy it. Something is off… and that is an experience that was especially clear yesterday. And in that sense of something is off, there is a deep felt sense that it is completely perfect… as it should be… there is absolutely nothing wrong with it… a deep felt sense that this is absolutely perfect as it is… as anything is, but beyond that, as part of this process.

In describing the landscape of the dream, I was reminded of one of the images in Splendor Solis… with the red sun rising above the landscape (and as I opened up my book on “Alchemy and Mysticism” to find it, the book opened on that very page.)

The light in the dream was not red but a velvety soft, brilliantly clear, silvery light… a brilliant sun with a lunar quality. Again, mirroring the yin, lunar, feminine quality of the endarkenment.

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