Dream: older man becoming generous

I am friends with a friendly, mature and insightful older man, who also happens to be very wealthy through running his business in a skillful way. His life used to be quite frugal and spartan, but he now shares his wealth more freely, and find great enjoyment in it. One of the ways he shares is through making a wide range of quiet and fast vehicles – on land, sea, and in the air – available to friends, relatives and anyone else who is interested in experiencing them.

The old man is of course me, possibly representing something that is emerging. During the dark night phase, and especially during the last few years, I have been very frugal (not always by choice) in many different ways, not the least in terms of sharing whatever I can offer (through activities and words). At some point, it will shift (unless this human self dies first!), and there the free sharing will come more to the foreground. And the sharing may include a sharing of some of the fast vehicles I have explored, such as The Work, headless experiments, Big Mind process, etc.

The man in the dream had a lot of lived life behind him, a wide embrace of life, and a natural wisdom and insight that comes out of a lived life. This is another theme that has come up for me in dreams recently, over the last few months.

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