Dream: short distances

I am going from one area of my life to another, and one period of my life to another, with stories playing themselves out at each location before moving on to the next. Each is distinct, but there is also a seamlessness and short distances between all. I only need to walk a few steps and there is another location or time period. There is also some mixing, as for instance some people from Center for Sacred Sciences were at the Zen center helping with some construction there.

Another one of those “wide embrace” dreams… this one including any aspect of time period of my life, each one distinct, yet also with very short distances between any one. Everything is at different specific locations in a wide, rich, varied and somewhat fluid landscape, with short distanced between each one. This seemed to be a long dream with many distinct chapters, one after another. The only story I remember is of F. from CSS working along with the people at Kanzeon on a repair or construction project.

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