Inquiry: I shouldn’t be so concerned with all of this

Statement: I shouldn’t be so concerned with this (what I write about here)

  1. Is it true?
    Yes, it sometimes feels true, including right now.
  2. Can I absolutely know it is true?
    No, I cannot know it for certain. And I also don’t know what is the best for my path.
  3. How do I react when I believe that thought?
    I collect evidence to support it. I look at others, who I respect and even admire, who do not do anything similar to this. I feel obsessive, see myself as a monomaniac. Someone who is caught up in something that is obscure, and maybe not even that important in the big picture. I become self-conscious. Question what I do. I am at war with myself. I feel ashamed.
  4. Who would I be without that belief?
    Clear. Allowing it as a guest, coming and going on its own time. It is here now, so why not welcome it? Since it arrived, it will also leave at some point, so why not appreciate it?
  5. Turnarounds
    (a) I should be so concerned with this
    Yes, I am. It is what is happening, right now. It is the guest that is here, now. As with anything else, it comes and goes on its own time. It lives its own life.
    (b) My thinking shouldn’t be so concerned with this
    Yes, that is definitely more true. I try to figure it out, use and create neat model it all (apparently) fits within. I try to grasp it with thoughts, which is just another way to try to control it. I try to lead with my thinking, although my thinking can only be a follower and a servant of this process.
    (c) Others shouldn’t be so concerned with this
    Yes, also more true. Most others aren’t, so shouldn’t. They are living their own lives, following their own (beautiful) process. We all have different guests in our lives, and they change our time as well. It is part of the overall richness and fullness of human life, and of the expression and exploration of life.
    (d) Others should be so concerned with this
    Hm… seems less true. Unless “so” means exactly how concerned they are with this, which in most cases is not at all, or close to not at all (good for them!).

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