Letting go, even of gold

In the process of allowing beliefs and identities to go, there will be times when even the most beautiful ones go. The ones our whole belief system tells us are invaluable, and the ones the whole world tells us should stay. We have to let go of gold, because life wants us to move on… to allow even those beliefs to go.

In my experience, these are often the most painful ones… for me, of being successful in the world, being at the top of the heap, being on track to be well known and admired in different fields and so on… they all went out the window, in spite of my personality resisting and trying to hold onto them as well as it could (which equals nothing since life has a mind of its own).

An aspect of this is that the rest of the world tends to side with the personality here as well. I side with my personality, and the rest of the world does too. Which makes it even more difficult to allow it to go and find peace with it… unless we go to the core and investigate the beliefs themselves.

By doing that, we may see that a wide landscape opens up for us… the beliefs set up fences everywhere, making our playing field small. Without the fences, there is just the wide open landscape.

I thought life should be a certain way, and experienced discomfort when it didn’t conform. But now, at the other side of the belief, there is a genuine appreciation for all of it.

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