Mutuality of (physical) tension and beliefs

I am exploring an interesting mutuality of tension and beliefs…

Through The Work, I see how beliefs create tension… both mental and physical. Any belief brings a sense of something to protect (an apparent truth or identity), which in turn brings tension.

And through labeling practice, I see how sensations combine with stories to create the appearance of emotions, moods, and even a sense of separate self. If an appropriate sensation is not available for a particular story, the body tenses up to make it available. And if the sensation needs to be amplified, the body tenses up more right there, which in turn allows for an amplification of the story.

The sensation/story complex allows for a sense of a center in space (located somewhere in the body), which in turn allows for a split of space, with an I here and Other out there. All of which is essential for the existence of the belief.

So beliefs create tension… by creating a sense of something (a truth or an identity) to protect, which naturally brings tension.

And tension allows for the belief… by creating (and amplifying) sensations which the story can combine with. When sensation and story combine, it creates an appearance of a separate self, emotions and moods, all of which are essential for the appearance, and maintenance, of the belief.

Beliefs amplify tension, and tension amplify beliefs.

Initial version of the post:

Through The Work, and having explored lots of different beliefs that way, I see that physical tension and beliefs go together. More specifically, when there is a belief, there is a sense of something to protect, which leads to tension, and this tension is both mental and physical. Beliefs lead to tension.

And through exploring sensations as anchors for stories, I see that physical tension creates (or amplifies) sensations, which in turn serve as anchors for stories, providing a sense of density and also a specific location in space. The density creates a sense of physical realness and base, and the specific location in space creates a sense of a center, and a way to split space into I and Other.

If there is a belief, it is placed on an appropriate sensation as a way to ground it in space, and if an appropriate sensation is not available, muscles tense up to make it available. If it is not quite strong enough, then muscles tense up more to amplify it… which in turn allows us to amplify the belief, and the sense of split in space. Tension creates a base for beliefs.

So beliefs lead to and amplify tension. And tension allows for beliefs, and help amplify them when needed.

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