Three reasons for practice

At another level, the retreat helped clarify three reasons of practice for me…

  • Awakening to what we are… the void awakening to itself, as wakeful, as form, inherently absent of any separate self.
  • Making it easier to be who we take ourself to be, allowing for some release from suffering, an opening for appreciation for life as it is, and so on.
  • Assisting development and evolution… the development of this individual at human and soul levels, as part of the evolution of the larger world of form.

The first is at the absolute level, the absolute awakening to itself even while still functionally connected with a human self.

The second is at the relative level, offering some (apparent) benefits of the practice even in those cases where there is not (yet) a full awakening of Big Mind.

And the third is also at the relative, form, level, allowing for a the human self to heal, mature and deepen into the evolving fullness of itself, and the soul level to deepen into its own evolving fullness. (I like to leave out the conscious evolution part as it is a great hook for inflation…!)

At a more finely grained level, we see that practice , depending on what forms it takes, can lead to increased stability of attention, more clarity, insights into the workings of the mind, opening of the heart, opening of empathy, compassion, care, gratitude, appreciation, awareness of shadow dynamics, and so on.

These are all things that makes it a little easier to be who we take ourselves to be, even before the void awakens to itself. They all make it a little more likely that what is awakens to itself. And they all assist in the healing, maturing and development of the human self.

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