Enemies revealed as friends

There are lots of reversals on the path of noticing what we really are…

There is a discovering of the truth in the reversals of the stories we take as true. There is the discovering of how we are not within time and space, but time and space (as phenomena arising, and the stories of time and space placed on top of them) is within us.

And there is also the discovery of how what appeared as enemies are really friends…

  • Discomfort becomes a pointer for noticing and inquiring into beliefs, and an invitation for being with what is.
  • Beliefs becomes an invitation into discovering what is already more true for us than the belief.
  • Thoughts are revealed as just innocent questions about the world, arising as any other phenomenon.
  • Distractions becomes a pointer for noticing and inquiring into a juicy story, one that is believed in.
  • Desire becomes an invitation to unravel the desire to its core, and find only innocence and a desire to wake up.
  • Confusion becomes an invitation to be with what is, and find ourselves as the awake clarity everything happens within and as, even confusion at the level of thinking mind.

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