Engagement and (dis)identification

A rambling post…

At our human level, there is the conventional forms of engagement and identification. We are engaged in the world, to various degrees and in various ways, and we are also identified with our human self, identities, and beings and things in the wider world.

And in general, we are familiar with the pattern of engagement+identification and disengagement+disidentification.

When there is engagement in life, there is usually also identification as someone engaged and with particular beliefs, identities and goals. And when there is disengagement in life, in particular areas and situations, there is also typically a disidentification with whatever arises in those areas and situations, and in particular with stories and identities which would cause engagement. It is a disengagement that is tinged with dullness.

As we start to notice ourselves as soul (timeless alive presence) and Ground (awake void) there is a process of general disidentification… with beliefs, identities, and the objects of these beliefs and identities such as this human self, certain behaviors, some beings and things in the wider world, and so on.

There is a disidentification with stories, which is quite different from the conventional disidentification (which is more of a dullness). But it is similar enough to sometimes trigger the familiar pattern of disidentification=disengagement.

As it matures, there is a continued differentiation here, into a disidentification as Ground, and engagement and a new form of identification in our human lives.

There is a disidentification with stories (Ground, headlessness, Big Mind). An engagement in life at the human level. And finally identification at our human level, but now in a different form. Where the identification used to be with stories and identities, it is now an identification of recognition, of seeing others in oneself and oneself in others. This is an identification which opens the heart, an identification of empathy. And it fuels and directs the engagement in the world.

The disidentification at the Ground level allows for a more full and free engagement, free from the boundaries for insight, empathy and action that comes from beliefs and identities. The engagement at our human level invites a more clear Ground awakening and also empathy. And empathy invites a more clear Ground awakening and engagement in the world.

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