Gifts of precepts

Some gifts of precepts, and of guidelines for ethical behavior in general…

  • Staying out of trouble, which means reduced suffering for who we take ourselves to be. (This also bring more respect and appreciation for our tradition, whichever it may be, in society, which makes it easier to practice and also may invite others to explore if it is for them.)
  • Reduced suffering for others.
  • Bringing attention to habitual body-mind patterns, and their effects. There is a continuing monitoring of the relationship between how we function in the world and the guidelines, which allows us to see more clearly our habitual patterns.
  • Mimicking how Big Mind/Heart, awake to itself, is typically expressed through a human self, which makes it easier for BM/BH to notice itself. Precepts and ethics generally invites for a deepening worldcentric view, which provides more fluidity of views, a wider embrace of the heart, and reduced identification with emotional reactivity, all of which makes it easier for BM/BH (and BB – Big Belly) to notice itself. Following an awakening of BM/BH to itself, they reduce the degree of reorganization needed for the human self, since much of it has already occurred.
  • Continually exploring new levels and layers of the precepts, understanding them in new ways, including ways directly relating to other practices. For instance, the precept of not killing can be taken in a conventional way (very beneficial for all of the other reasons), and also as not aiming to “kill” whatever phenomena is arising here now. It is an invitation to allow any phenomena its life, and to release identification with resistance to what is arising.

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