Simplicity of awake void & form

It often sounds obscure when folks (including myself) talk about Ground awakening, or void awake to itself, or awake void and form.

It is really very simple and can also be talked about in a simpler way. One that it is also easier to relate to.

The question is: are we the content of awareness or awareness itself? And, are those really two?

When we discover that content of awareness always comes and goes, we have a chance to notice that which does not come and go, which is awareness itself.

And when we notice awareness itself, we also notice that it is inherently insubstantial, it is inherently free from any content, it is inherently empty or void. It is also inherently free from a separate self, an I with an Other.

And now when we look at content of awareness again, we see that this content too is insubstantial, empty and void. The content of awareness is nothing other than awareness itself, taking the temporary appearances of form, and in both cases insubstantial and empty.

So here it is, the awake emptiness and form. Awareness inherently free from any particular content and allowing any content, and the play of awake emptiness as temporary form.

And as awareness is inherently free from an I with an Other, this goes for form too since it is nothing other than this awareness. This human self, along with the rest of the content of awareness, lives its own life, on its own schedule. It all is just happening. There is lots of doing, but no doer.

It is nothing particularly obscure or difficult about it. It only takes some noticing and getting used to.

Our whole body-mind system organized within the context of taking oneself to be the content of awareness. Now it needs to reorganize within this new context of awake void noticing itself, inherently free from an I with an Other. And his noticing can be more or less clear and can come and go for a while.

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