Stream and overlays

This is something I keep on noticing…

Any experience is quiet bliss, or, if seen within a sense/story of time, a stream of quiet bliss. Experiencing itself, awake void and its content of awake void taking a temporary form, is inherently a quiet bliss.

If there is an identification with a particular story about this content, there is also a drama created and this may temporarily cloud over a noticing of this quiet bliss. The identification with the story gives a sense of I and Other, and resistance in various ways, and when there is an identification with all of this, it seems very real. This means attention goes to this drama, and the quiet bliss is easily missed and overlooked.

When there is less of an attachment to, or belief in, or identification with stories, there is less of a sense of I and Other and of resistance and drama, so also an easier noticing of this quiet bliss. Identification goes out of content so there is a clearer seeing, which in turns allows for this quiet bliss to come into foreground of attention. So here, it is revealed that any experience is quiet bliss, independent of what (other) qualities it may have. Experiencing itself is quiet bliss.

A simple way of noticing this is to just be with what is, as it is. Whatever is, just be with it, for instance as a heartfelt being-with bringing in the three centers.

In addition to the simplicity revealed when there is a being with, there can be an overlay of stories. And these can still be identified with to different degrees, or not. For instance, when there is a belief in a story of a separate self these other stories are often about how what is, according to these stories, relate to this separate self, again according to these stories. It is good or bad, desirable and undesirable, and so on. This has a very useful practical function in terms of keeping this human self alive and functional in the world. Yet, when believed in, even to a lesser extent, there is drama and discomfort.

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