Boiled down

A lot of what I write here is in a very condensed version, to the point where it probably makes more sense to me (who can fill out the details and flesh it out for myself) than any casual reader… An ox can be boiled down to the point where it is difficult to notice the ox within what remains.

Again, that is how it comes out now, and what I seem to need for myself, so it is OK.

And it does come out in a more fleshed-out form, and tailored to the situation, when someone – on rare occasions -asks me about something related to what I write about here. It helps to (a) be asked (don’t talk about this much otherwise), and (b) to respond to a real-life situation that has a richness to it and particular qualities. The first brings it out in the first place, and the second helps in giving it an angle and fleshing in out.

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