Dream: a split felt-sense

I am spending time with Byron Katie at a large gathering, only the two of us. She sees a core belief in me, and tries to help me see it as well. I am touched by the interest she is taking in nudging me to see it for myself. After a while, just as she is about to leave to do something else, I glimpse a part of what it is about: I have a felt-sense of everything happening outside of this human self as God and God’s will, but not what is happening from the inside of this human self… thoughts, feelings, choices, actions. And this split paralyzes me to some extent. She acknowledges that this is true, but also only a part of what wants to be seen. 

The evening before, I was at a diksha/oneness group potluck, and talked with a friend of mine about The Work and also transformational breathwork. I am looking forward to a breathwork session with her scheduled for this coming week as I know I have frozen layers to work through, especially related to the bodily felt-sense of life (fear vs. trust, etc.).

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