Movies as practice (ii or iii)

Watching movies, and taking in stories in any other form, is a stocking up of human experiences. And this stocking up allows us to…

  • Recognize and find insight into the patterns and dynamics playing themselves out in these stories, and also in our own life.
  • Recognize in ourselves what we see out there, including in these stories. Whatever qualities and dynamics we see play themselves out among and within the characters of the stories, mirror what is right here in this human self.
  • Release identification with these qualities and patterns, through seeing that they are universally human. They play themselves out in all of our human lives, and are not unique to this human self. There is also a release of identification through seeing these patterns play themselves out, over and over, in this life and in the stories, as an old movie that continues to play, but where there is less interest through being so familiar with it.

Of course, it helps if we are receptive to this. All of this probably happens to some extent no matter what, even if we – on the surface – use movies and other stories to confirm whatever cherished beliefs we have. But if we are willing to allow the movies to work on us, in these and other ways, this can unfold more freely.

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