Nothing has ever happened

In the Star Trek TOS episode Errand of Mercy, the Organians several times says nothing has happened, in spite of a Klingon invasion and several hundreds of their own dead. And that is also what some spiritual teachers in this planet says.

In what way is that true? In what way has nothing ever happened?

When I look for myself, I find that it is true in a Big Mind sense.

There is awakeness and its content of what arises here and now, including stories about this content. It is a timeless and spaceless present, within which there are stories of space and time placed on top of what arises.

In that sense, nothing every happens. It is all the play of awakeness, which is inherently free from this play, allows this play, and forms itself into this play. Nothing every happens, in the sense that nothing really happens in a dream. It is all the play of and within the one awakeness.

And yet, something does happen, when all of this is filtered through stories. With stories, there is a whole world of form and objects, including living beings, and a lot certainly happens within this world and to all of these beings.

If those stories are taken as real, then there is an I here that something happens to, and a lot of drama. I take the play of awakeness for solid objects in a real world, playing itself out in a drama of life and death importance.

If they are directly seen as only stories, and the consequences of taking these stories for real are also directly seen, then it is all different.

Then, we can freely play along and engage with the game, but now also seeing that nothing really and ever happens. It is all the play of the awakeness.

One thought to “Nothing has ever happened”

  1. Does illusion exists within reality or can it be the other way around?

    If illusion exists within reality, the the illusion is also ‘real’ so to speak, right? If I am in a dream and I wreck my car, that feeling of fear is REAL, even though the events that causes them are not real. If all existence is just an illusion, then that illusion must existence within the context of something real. So how can nothing exists? How can there be a FULL emptyness???

    Zero, imaginary, infinity. 0i1

    Maybe every single permutation exists, maybe everything that could ever happen happens, maybe instead of asking why something exists instead of nothing, or why nothing exists instead of something, BOTH something and NOTHING exists at the same time! Both zero and infinity exists side by side, and the imaginary boundary formed by the two, and we are
    the created of zeroinfinity, we are the intermediate, the stuff between God and Void, the singularity,

    maybe existence is simply ONENESS, a full and empty oneness. Zero and Infinite are two sides of the same coin, the root manifiestation if oneness essence or something like that…

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