What will it get me?

I have listened some more to Adyashanti’s Five Truths About Truth, which is as clear and beautiful as just about any teaching I have heard.

It is also a reminder to the simple inquiry practice he suggests: take a desire or a want, and then ask yourself what do I hope that will get me? Continue that questioning until it cannot go further. And we can then ask ourselves is it true that it is not already here?

As with any of these practices, it is not so helpful to just know about it, or have a memory of doing it in the past and of whatever we discovered then. It needs to be explored here and now, using material alive for me.

I want to be healthy, which will get me energy, clarity, joy, sense of fullfilment, sense of engagement. Is it true that these are not here now? For each of them, I can find it here now.

This shifts my whole experience. From seeing what I need as out there somewhere, apart from me in space and time, I notice it right here now, and I see that it was never anywhere else. It is here now, and appears out there due to a thought placing it there.

In the terminology of the Big Mind process, this inquiry invites a shift from seeking mind to nonseeking mind.

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