Directed and open

In a conversation between one of our local diskha givers and myself, we talked about how we found it easiest and most comfortable and effective in leaving the outcome open when we do respectively diksha and bodywork.

We get out of our own way, and allow whatever needs to come through to come through. There is a trust in the inherent intelligence in the diksha energy, in the natural healing processes of the body, and in life itself.

This made me explore how this balance between direction and openess looks in different areas of life….

  • When I pray, it is usually an open prayer, one of communion and of thy will be done. Sometimes, there is an intention, for instance for healing and/or awakening for myself or others, but even here within the context of You (life, existence, God, Big Mind) know best and Thy will be done.
  • When I do bodywork, there is just an intention of being with my own body, finding comfort, noticing extra and allowing it to fall away or into the background, and so on. Here, I (what I experience as a separate self) gets out of the way, allowing the intelligence behind the form and inherent in our human selves and life to unfold and take the process where it needs to go. I don’t need to know, as long as I follow the form, stay present with my own body, and select sequences based on what comes up for me – intuition.
  • When I do energy healing, there is often an intention of healing, within the context of may what is in the highest interest of the other and all of us happen, within the context of Thy will be done. I notice that the more intention there is, the more it is possible to “force” something to happen, but there is also a backlash for myself, and possibly the other. If I leave the outcome open, apart from Thy will be done, there is just a sense of spaciousness, rest, comfort, clarity, and an unfolding of whatever needs to happen.
  • In daily life tasks, it it obviously good to have a clear intention, which for me often includes visualizing the task and outcome in advance, and it happening with ease and clarity. But even here, there is an openness in the form of receptivity to the situation and what it seems to call for, which may change as the project unfolds.
  • In terms of the direction of my life, there is often a balance between intention, and openness and receptivity. There may be a clear intention in some areas, with a visualization of the outcome, but also an openness, receptivity and humility, and Thy will be done.

Together, there is the focus and direction of intention. This, especially when combined with visualization, allows for a reorganization here now of my human self at many levels (emotions, mental) which allows the process to unfold more easily and with more clarity.

And there is the openess, receptivity and humility. The humility is an acknowledgment that I certainly do not know what is best, not can I control what happens beyond a very modest extent. The receptivity allows me to stay with the always changing situation, allowing my direction and strategies to change as called for. And there is the openness to whatever may happen, and whatever happens as God’s will. It doesn’t mean that I passively go along with whatever happens, only that there is a release from resistance to it, and a more humble and receptive approach when I engage in certain actions and aim at certain outcomes.

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