Dream: new ways of getting around

I am back where I grew up, and realize that although the geography is the same, my experience of it is very different. I see whole new patterns of connections between places, which allows me to get around in ways I didn’t conceive of back then. My experience of the area is very different, even if I realize that the basic geography must be the same.

Hmm. Not much to say about this dream. The basic elements of my experience is similar to how it was early on in my life, but the patterns and connections between them are revealed in quite different ways. There are new and very different ways of orienting and moving around. The basic terrain may be the same, but it is revealed completely differently.

Some examples here are emotions and beliefs. Early on in life, both seemed real, substantial, personal and important. Now, emotions are revealed as a sensation and a story (when inquired into) and something that cannot be put into words (when there is a heartfelt being with them). And beliefs are just a story, where the grain of truth in that story is blown up to more than it really is, and the grain of truth in its reversals are played down or ignored.

When this, and other things, are seen more clearly, and immediately, as they happen, the general terrain is much the same as before. There are stories, emotions, actions and so on, and the dynamics among them are much the same. But it is still experienced in a very different way, to the point of it not having much in common with how it used to appear.

There are new ways of navigating this terrain, completely different from how it used to be when the gestalts were taken as real, substantial and personal, and I was more blindly in the grips of the gestalts and their dynamics.

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