No thing, allowing all things

When I explore the relationship between awakeness and its content, it is really an exploration of emptiness and form.

This awareness, this awake void, is inherently free from any characteristics. It is free from color, sound, shape, form, and I also cannot find any end, beginning, birth or death. It is timeless and spaceless.

And yet, it is full of content, of every changing colors, sounds, shapes, forms, beginning and ends, birth and deaths.

As Douglas Harding said, it is no thing allowing all things.

It is inherently free from any content, so it allows any and all content.

And when I look, I cannot find where this awakeness ends and its content begins. The content of awakeness is awakeness itself. It is awareness temporarily taking a particular form, as its own content.

So this relationship between awakeness and its content is a relationship, yet is also not a relationship since it is all awakeness.

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