Creation stories and projections


Creation stories are projections in different ways…

They often describe a creation of something from nothing, mirroring what is happening here now… an awake nothingness within which something mysteriously happens, and it also happens as this awake nothingness.

There is also often an unfolding from simplicity to complexity, again reflecting what is happening here now. From simple stories, such as extent and continuity, unfolds a complexity of stories. A whole world is created from and within simplicity, and this world complexifies, matures, unfolds, evolves.

Similarly, there is often a process of unfolding from and within duality. Here now is awakeness, itself no thing, having no form, no extent, no beginning or end. And within and as this awakeness is the world of form. Awakeness and form is the basic polarity, within the context of both as awakeness. Also, as soon as there is an overlay of stories, the field of awakeness and form is split through boundaries and a world of polarities appears…. birth and death, mind and matter, nature and culture, right and wrong, I and you.

In a very basic way, there is also a projection of whatever is inside of a story. There is a story of a creation, and the content of this story is projected out there, onto the world in the past, and also present and future.

Beyond this, different creation stories can reflect specific processes of birth and renewal in a psychological sense, as studied by Jung and others.

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