Dream: travelling on the ocean currents, and changing industry

I am many others travel the oceans on one breath, effortlessly. We travel under the surface and on the ocean currents, around the whole world. We belong to a group biologically different from others, with an ability to travel within the oceans, and meet to play and enjoy this.

Following this, I talk with two making batteries, with factories across the world. I give my best The Natural Step talk, and one leaves while the other stays to listen. We find a mutual respect and admiration, and we see that we both want the same for his business: success and efficiency, in a way good for life. There is a sense of intimacy, engagement and authentic communication. As if a time lapse movie, I see his battery manufacturing business transform worldwide from toxic to life-supporting.

Both dreams share several themes…

  • A sense of being of one piece. In the ocean currents dream, of one piece with a biological group within humanity. In the battery dream, being of one piece with the person I talk with, sharing our goals for his business.
  • A sense of efficiency. First, through the simple and efficient travel on the ocean currents, then a new form of battery production that is efficient, profitable and life supporting.
  • Nurturing & intimate relationships, with the biological group and the battery manufacturer.
  • Worldwide span, traveling on the ocean currents around the world, and seeing the battery manufacturing transform across the world.

I can find two pieces of day residue (influences from the day before)…

  • I read Mending the past, healing the future with soul retrieval by Alberto Villoldo, where he – among other things – talks about renegotiating contracts we have made with ourselves, mirrored in the renegotiation of how the batteries are manufactured.
  • I also watched 3:10 to Yuma, which has as a central theme the growing mutual respect and admiration between two adversaries, as in my conversation with the battery manufacturer.

Other things that come up…

  • Traveling through the oceans, on the currents, may be similar to exploring the (previously) less conscious areas of the mind.
  • Transforming the battery industry means that energy is produced in a less toxic and more life-nurturing way. I have had something very similar to chronic fatigue for a long time, and it comes partly from food intolerances… energy is produced in a way that is toxic for the system (drains it), and the dream reminds me (my system) that it can be produced in a way that is nurturing for life.

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