From private to shared

In life in general, and through practices such as the Big Mind process and The Work, there is a shift from taking something about our human self as intensely private and personal, to it being revealed as universal and shared.

With any belief, there is an identification with a particular view and identity. And when there is identification with it, it is taken as “I”, as personal, and sometimes as quite private… especially when we have shoulds around it. It becomes something to hide, to let out only when it seems safe, to protect, and so on. We take it all very seriously.

When the identification goes out of it, we see that it is universal and shared and the sense of it being private falls away. It is no longer something to protect. There is a sense of freedom around it.

This shift happens in many different ways. It can come about from just knowing that it is similar for other people. Or from seeing it as universal through the Big Mind process. Or allowing attachment to it to fall away through The Work.

So say I am uncomfortable in some social situations and take it as very embarrassing and private. I am closely identified with that role, and with beliefs and identities around it. It becomes something to hide, and only mention in especially safe situations. Yet, as soon as I realize that this is universal and shared, and both see and feel this, or the attachment to beliefs and identities around it fall away, this all changes.

There is a sense of release, relief and space around it. It is still personal, in the sense that it is happening to this human self, but it is not longer private or something I need to tiptoe around. Instead of being something that separates me from others, something that makes me special and different, it becomes something that connects and is shared.

It is seen and felt as universally human, happening here with a particular flavor as it does for anyone else.

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