Inquiry: I get it

Statement: I get it.

  • True?
    Hm. Sometimes it feels so, in limited areas and to a limited extent.
  • Sure?
    No. Not at all.
  • What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I am not receptive. I am focused on my stories about something, and how right they are. There is no need for receptivity, since I already get it.
    • I get it, and others either also get it or don’t.
    • I experience separation to life, others, and even myself.
    • What am I not able to appreciate because of that belief? The information, insights and experiences available for me, outside of what I think I am getting.
  • Who would I be without it?
    Receptive. Available. Curious. Interested.
  • Turnarounds.
    • I don’t get it. More true. I have a story about something, and think that is it, the final word, case closed. Whenever I do that, I am obviously not getting it.
    • My thinking gets it. Yes. My thinking is doing its job, trying to make sense of the world, creating maps to orient by, and is getting it in that sense. It is getting it in the only way it can, which is to make orienting maps. Also, when there is a sense of getting it, whether in this limited sense or a more final and absolute sense, that comes from a story. It is my thinking telling me I am getting it.
    • My thinking doesn’t get it. Right. My thinking only asks innocent questions about the world. It makes orienting maps. That is all. It is its only job. It is not its job to “get it” because it can’t in any final or absolute sense. And it is also its job to sometimes make it appear that it is getting it, by creating a story saying it does, which is then believed in or not.

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