Inquiry: I need to follow my inner voice

Statement: I need to follow my inner voice

  1. True?
    Yes. This one feels true. I have lots of reasons why it is true.
  2. Sure?
    No, not at all.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I am afraid I am off track. Not following my path. Making choices that are not the best ones for me.
    • I think back to the time when I did follow my inner voice, and everything fell into place in an amazing way, in every area of my life. And I compare it to now, when I am not following my inner voice in certain areas, and I feel stuck, off track, off my path, things are not moving very well, and so on.
    • What am I not able to appreciate because of it? My life as it is. The gifts of this path.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    More innocent in relationship to my inner voice, and making choices and decisions in general. More able to see the wider terrain (of what happens when I follow my inner voice, what happens when I don’t, what beliefs hinders me from acting on my inner voice) and work with it as it is, in a more clear and effective way.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • I don’t need to follow my inner voice. Well. I don’t. I haven’t, in certain areas, and although it has been painful, no unrecoverable disaster has happened. Obviously, the universe and life is set up to allow me to not follow my inner voice.
    • >> My inner voice needs to follow me. Yes. It needs to meet me where I am, lead me from where I am, including leading me through unraveling the knots hindering me from following my inner voice. If it is worth its salt, it needs to help me unravel these knots, first of all. Not just tell me what to do, when I am not ready to do it.
    • > My inner voice doesn’t need to follow me. No. It is doing its job fine, being an inner voice. It is a beacon, I notice when my actions are off, and that they continue to be off. It is doing a pretty good job there, not following me.

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