Inquiry: Inquiry is a mind game

Statement: Inquiry (The Work) is a mind game.

  1. True?
    Hm. No. Although sometimes I have that thought come up, especially when I consider how others may see it (which is one of the ways I see it).
  2. Sure?
  3. What happens when I have that belief?
    • I feel disappointed. Sad. Let down.
    • What am I not able to appreciate? Whatever there is to inquiry beyond being a mind game.
  4. Who am I without it?
    Receptive to explore inquiry, to see what comes up when I do it. Not invested in having it be one way or another. Even receptive to appreciating it as a mind game, if that is what comes up.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • Inquiry is not a mind game. No. It does help me find what is already more true for me than the initial belief. I have seen that many times. Sometimes, when I have an idea of what I will find or where The Work will take me, it can certainly feel like a mind game. It is, in those situations. But other times, when there is receptivity and a more sincere inquiry, wherever it may go, it is different from just a mind game.
    • Inquiry is a mind game. (The original statement.) Yes. When I do it with an expectation, and guide my answers according to that expectation, it feels like a mind game. Also, it is a mind game in the sense that we (a) already know what is already more true for us, (b) cover it up by attaching to one particular view and identity, and (c) spend time and energy uncovering the initial truth again. That looks very much like a game. And it even has a name: lila.
    • I am a mind game. Wow. Quite a turnaround. Yes, I am a mind game, in the sense that all my beliefs and identities are mind created. My whole world, as it is interpreted and filtered through beliefs, is a mind game. My whole identity, which largely determine and form my interests, goals, choices and activities, is mind (mind here = thought) created. Even pure perception, prior to any filter of stories, is a mind game. It is this awakeness allowing certain things to appear within, to and as itself. It is the mind, this awakeness and its content, that produces all of it. (No matter what worldview, that is true. What appears to me is this mind, and that is all.)
    • I am not a mind game. Well. If mind=the filter of thoughts, then not. This awakeness and its content is not created by thought. It is prior to and filtered by thought, that is all.

2 thoughts to “Inquiry: Inquiry is a mind game”

  1. Statement: Inquiry: “Inquiry: Inquiry is a mind game” is a mind game

    1. True?
    I don’t know. I am thinking I should say it is true since there is an expectation of how others should see it, and I am one of the others here and I like to be accommodating.
    2. Sure?
    Yep. I’m sure I don’t know.
    3. What happens when I have this belief?
    I worry that I’m trying to be ironic or funny or that I’m being disengenuous. I’m probably not taking MoE’s The Work seriously enough. I’m being disrespectful toward MoE. I’m probably letting my conservative, fear-of-the-new side out. But it could be a very proper, healthy skepticism on my part, too.
    4. Who am I without it?
    I’m fine.
    5. Turnarounds.
    I don’t have any set beliefs here. I’m not commited to The Work. I don’t really know anything about The Work. I don’t have anything against The Work, but I am a skeptical person even as I strongly believe in people (very much including me) trying hard to understand themselves better and get over their inhabitions, compulsions and fears.

    I’m sure I’m not doing this right. I’m sorry.

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