Reasons to do inquiry

This came up in a conversation earlier today, and it is interesting to explore in itself. Why do we do inquiries, such as the Work?

For me, I find that there is a curiosity there. What is really going on? What happens when I believe that thought? What are some of its effects? What is more true for me than the surface belief?

Sometimes, something may seem completely true to me, yet I know it (or any belief) cannot be. So that is another reason to explore it. It is an unquestioned belief, and I am curious about what is on the other side of it.

Other times, I know in many ways that it is not true, but parts of me still thinks it is true. I know it is not true, but I sometimes feel as if it is true, and my mind sometimes create supporting stories as if it is true. Inquiry then gives me an opportunity to explore a story from the view of the parts of me that still believe them.

Yet other times, I notice what appears as ghost patterns from past beliefs. I thought that particular belief was not around anymore, but the patterns from it are, so here too it can be helpful and interesting to explore what is happening. And inevitably, I find that there is still a belief there with all it usual effects.

In general, inquiry helps me see what happens when a story is believed in. And this helps me in my own life, and it also helps me understand others, both in terms of view and feeling. I can more easily see the grain of truth in the view they are coming from, and I know something about how it feels to be stuck in such a view. My mind and feelings are more receptive, which helps my heart to be more receptive as well.

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