Exploring confusion…

I shouldn’t be confused.


  • I should be confused.
    • It helps me pause when there is insufficient or conflicting info/impulses.
    • In some situations, it spurs me to seek more or different info.
    • In other situations, it helps me shift into not-knowing, and be OK with that.
    • It is a pointer for when I cling to hard to clarity. (If I identify with clarity, confusion comes up as Other, as a disturbance.)
    • It invites me to stay open and receptive to the situation, to additional information, to new views and insights, to something surprising.
  • Confusion should be me.
    • Yes. Instead of identifying with clarity or wanting clarity, and see confusion as a disturbance, as Other, I can get to know confusion more. I can find myself as confusion, shift into confusion, explore the world from the view of confusion, see what it can contribute to the life of this human self, and what it asks of this human self. I can allow my identity to flow in ways that include confusion, in a more wholehearted way.
  • Confusion shouldn’t be me.
    In two ways. First, when I disown it. Then, as part of a wider terrain that I can find fluidity within.

    • My identity is sometimes rigidly attached to clarity, so confusion appears as not-me. When that happens, it is OK. It is what the dynamics lead up to right now. It is just another experience, another part of the terrain. In that sense, I should see confusion as not-me, because that is what is happening. It also helps me discover what happens when something is disowned, and the shift into including it.
    • My identity shouldn’t be rigidly attached to confusion (or clarity). I should allow for more of a flow between them. Knowing both, being familiar with both, yet also not limit myself to either.

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