Dream: Irish wedding

A young man and woman from two Irish clans/families want to get married, in spite of a long standing feud between their families. They know they can expect trouble and possibly violence due to their union, and their only hope is to receive the blessing of the unofficial leader of the Irish community. Few if any would go against his wishes, and if they did, it would be to their peril. So the young man goes to the pub owned by him, and even if their relationship is strained as well, the patriarch reluctantly gives his blessing. He then gives advice for what to do on the wedding day for good luck, including placing a pocket watch inside a slit in the fabric of the ceiling of the carriage.

This is an Irish community outside of Ireland (not sure where, maybe London, Norway or the US). “I” am sometimes the young man in the dream, and sometimes a friend of his. There is a sense throughout the dream of a difficult and gritty situation, which is workable with a great deal of effort and getting things aligned a certain way. First, the feud situation is taken care of as much as possible, through the blessing of someone the members of the community do not want to cross. Then, the luck situation is addressed. The family feud affects both, so both need to be dealt with. I assume the dream reflect a union or intimate connection of parts of me there has been a feud between, although I haven’t explored that further yet.

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