Dream: Oriental medicine in medieval Scandinavia

I watch a documentary about signs of oriental medicine in medieval Scandinavia. At the beginning, the narrator says that since this documentary was made, new discoveries indicate that oriental medicine was known in Scandinavia centuries, if not millennia, earlier than initially thought. I am surprised I have heard nothing about it. The documentary shows, among other things, exquisitely carved figures of animals and people with cutaways showing the meridians running through the bodies.

This happened as a short segment of a longer string of dreams. I am first surprised that I had not known about oriental medicine in medieval Scandinavia, especially since the documentation seemed so solid. And then, that they found signs of it hundreds or possibly thousands of years earlier. There is a sense of depth and richness of culture, mixed with oriental wisdom. I am not sure what this is about, but will explore it further (active imagination and process work).

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