Dream: Wounded God

I am with a group of people doing healing work, most of them from Breema. I talk with a small group of men, and one of the points out how life is inevitably wounded, and the perfection in it. It is God experiencing itself as wounded. There is a very strong atmosphere, similar to what happens in Breema intensives. It is rich, full, deeply nurturing, joyful, free.

I had this dream the first night on my visit to Norway, after having noticed the family patterns quite clearly the night before. Strangely enough, I experienced it more as an outsider, and didn’t take it so personally. I can see the lack of belly center fullness, and also how this has shifted for me since the last visit. There has been a deepening into it, and a sense of that nurturing richness, fullness and trust that comes with a fuller and more open belly center. And this has happened, at least partly, through Breema. I can see the wounded patterns in my family, and find freedom from being caught up in it, including wanting it to change for them, and instead find sincere appreciation for it. It is one expression of the inherent woundedness of human life, and it is beautiful. (Especially since I have found some freedom from it myself.)

It is life exploring and temporarily experiencing itself through one flavor of woundedness. It is God, experiencing itself as wounded.

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