Relationships we cannot so easily escape

One of the many gifts of families is that they bring relationships we cannot so easily escape. Instead, we are invited to work with them more consciously, as they are, over the long term.

Some of the ways we can do this…

  • Inquire into beliefs
  • Being with our experience, fully allowing it in a heartfelt way
  • Open our heart (to all of us, and all of ourself) through tong-len, prayer, well-wishing
  • Working with the others on the relationships, clarifying, engaging, working things through and out as well as we can
  • Allowing it all to humble us, wear of the hard edges, become more deeply and fully human, through receptivity at the view (inquiry), emotions (fully allowing and being with), and heart (tong-len, prayer, well-wishing)

And as usual, any of these can invite a shift in any and all of the others. For me, I find the shifts from the heart work especially noticeable.

Also, of course, the one relationship we cannot so easily escape is the one to ourselves. Any other one highlights aspects of this relationship. As we relate to ourselves, we relate to the wider world. (Or said in a more headless way, as this human self relates to itself, it relates to the wider world.)

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