Inquiry: It should have lasted longer

It should have lasted longer.

  1. True?
    Yes. My mind tell me it is true. I can find lots of stories telling me it is true. Also, it feels true. It feels uncomfortable when I think about how it should have lasted longer, and more comfortable imagining that it had lasted longer. My mind and feelings tell me it is true.
  2. Sure?
    No. Not at all.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I feel uncomfortable. I want it to have been different. I go into scenarios of how it could have been different. I look at others for whom it is different. I compare my own situation to what could have been, and how it is for others.
  4. Who am I without the thought?
    • Appreciating what was, and what is. I am able to find appreciation for it having visited my life. I am able to see that it having happened is far more important than duration. (Everything is has a beginning and end anyway.)
  5. Turnarounds.
    • It shouldn’t have lasted longer.
      • No. It lived its life on its own schedule, as everything does.
      • Also, everything that has a beginning has an end, so its time is limited anyway. That it happened at all is more important than duration.
      • When it went away, it showed me my beliefs around it so I could take them to inquiry.
    • It shouldn’t happen now.
      • True, because it doesn’t. Infinite causes have led to it not being around right now. Who am I to argue?
      • Everything has its time and duration. If things didn’t end, the universe would fill up quickly, and our experiences would overload fast.
      • It is not here, so it helps me see my stories of how it should still be around and the effects of these stories.
    • I should last longer.
      • Well, if I inquire into this story the sense of clarity lasts longer.
      • Also, if I find myself as awareness itself “I” am timeless, so “last longer”./ If I identify with stories, with content of awareness, “I” don’t last very long for no content lasts very long.
    • I shouldn’t last longer.
      • This human self has its time and duration. It’s days are limited, which is a good thing for many reasons.
    • My thinking should last longer.
      • Yes, I can slow it down so I can see more clearly what is happening, as I do through inquiry.
    • My thinking shouldn’t last longer.
      • My attachment to stories lasts less long through inquiry. (The stories saying other stories are true lasts less long.)

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