Made in God’s image

What are some of the ways we made in God’s image?

If we take God to be beyond and including all polarities, and ourselves to be this human being, then we see how this human being is intrinsically embedded in the wider world of form. It mirrors and is born from the universe as a whole, dependent on its existence by infinite causes reaching back to beginning of time and stretching out to the limits of the universe, mirroring and expressing the same dynamics, processes and patterns as the universe as a whole.

We can also find ourselves as timeless and spaceless awakeness, within which, to and as the world of form arises. In this way, we are made in God’s image. Although more accurately, the whole sense of I and Other falls away so there is no I to mirror God. It is the intimacy which is left when the intimacy of I and Other falls away.

And by finding ourselves as awakeness, find ourselves as this field of awakeness and form, already and inherently absent of an I and Other. So here, we are made in God’s image as awakeness, form, and form as nothing other than awakeness.

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