Private & public

When we do different forms of practices, aimed at including the Other more in what we notice as already us, and as what we are familiar with and include in our repertoire of how to be in the world, there is a convergence of how we are in private and in public.

We behave more in public as we would do if we were alone. And when alone, we behave more as we would do if others were around.

In short, there is less to hide, and less we need to find an outlet for when alone. And we are more comfortable, relaxed and ourselves when with others.

And this can also be a practice in itself. When I am alone, I can ask myself how would I be if others were around? What would be different?

And when I am with others, I can ask myself how would I be different if I was alone? Would I be more relaxed, and how would that look? Would I do something different? What happens if I include more of that now?

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