Where two or more are gathered

Someone once said where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be.

Probably anyone who has been doing any form of spiritual practice has noticed this. For me right now, it is especially noticeable when I do Breema.

Doing Self-Breemas on my own is great and has many benefits. But giving or receiving bodywork, or doing Self-Breemas with others, goes far deeper. In terms of an alive Breema atmosphere, and filling up the belly with the rich nurturing fullness, something different comes in when it is done with others.

There is a different aliveness. A sense of being held by the atmosphere that comes in. An experience of it working far deeper in and on me.

Right now, when I don’t have my usual groups available to me, I am very grateful to have just one person to do Self-Breemas with, and a few happy recipients of simple bodywork.

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