Dream: House with changing stairs

I am part of a group of people with a warm connection. Everyone has similar age to myself, and we are all partly working on becoming familiar with ourselves. We each have houses representing ourselves, and my house has stairs that are in different locations each time I move among the floors. I intuitively find the path quite easily as I walk, although I never know in advance where they will be.

Well, this is one of those almost literal dreams.

The house represents me, I am familiarizing myself with it, and the paths between the levels of the house are in different locations each time. Still, I am able to quite easily find it as I walk, intuitively knowing where they are, although I intellectually don’t know in advance where they are. This is similar to what I experience in daily life when I explore my human self and myself as awakeness, moving along the different “levels”. The dream may be telling me that I am not as aware of this as I could be.

The sense of everyone sharing this work, and the warm connection, may reflect how I experience it when I am in Norway. For me, there is a sense of a soulfulness here that is shared by many, and also encourages a deepening into our humanity.

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