Dream: Knife through a block of paper

A dream image: I move a knife easily through a dense block of intricately folded paper. There is a sense of great receptivity and of the path of the knife shifting to adapt to the consistency of the block, receptively finding the path of least resistance.

The experience of the dream was of a great receptivity and being finely tuned with the knife moving through the block, easily finding the path of least resistance. The block is large, dense and made of paper folded in intricate ways when wet, and has now dried.

This block of densely and intricately folded paper is similar to the veils and layers of beliefs and resistance I am exploring.

This dream image is quite similar in feel to the shifting staircase dream, and it also reminds me of the Taoist (?) analogy of a butcher cutting through an ox easily, allowing the knife to find its way around the bones.

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