Journeys and belly center

Visiting my birth family, I see more clearly the different aspects of my journey so far in my relatively short life…

The main one may be to embrace more of who I am, as a human being. Finding peace with it. Being ok with it. Including not being ok with it, sometimes. Finding myself as the wholeness beyond and embracing body-mind. Actively getting to know the parts that has been excluded from my conscious identity. (Wholeness at the human level.)

Then, discovering what I am, as this field of awakeness and form, inherently absent of I and Other, center and periphery, and so on. (Head center.)

Finding appreciation for life, more independent of how it shows up. (Heart.)

And finally, what I am noticing most right now because it is more recent, the belly center. How a weak/fragmented/fractured belly center leads to a fear-driven life, and how fears leads to just this depletion of the belly center. And how a fuller, nurturing belly center gives a sense of deep nourishment and trust… in life, existence, what is. My background is definitely one of a weak belly center, which continued through the initial awakening (head/heart centered.) Now, through Breema and other practices, the belly center is finally taking center stage more.

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