Noticing movement away

One of my main practices for a while now (which anyone who have read posts here will have seen)  is to notice any movements away from what is happening, any impulse to escape, resist, push away, distractions, and so on.

And then, to shift into being with whatever is happening, including the resistance, as it is, as if it would never change, in a wholehearted way.

There is a sense of release and expansion here, from a narrow identification with the impulse to resist, seeing what is resisted as Other, to finding myself as that which already and always allows, holds, embraces both the resistance and that which is resisted.

It is very simple, can be done throughout the day, and yet is – in many ways – a fully-fledged and complete practice in itself.

It releases identification with resistance, it allows whatever has been resisted to now be allowed and experienced (as an orphan being brought into the warmth), it gives us a taste of ourselves as that which already and always allows any content of experience, it invites healing at our human level, it releases identification with fixed positions and points of views so we can more easily find the truth in its reversals, it gives us a taste of release from being blindly caught up in the drama.

2 thoughts to “Noticing movement away”

  1. It seems like you are trying to understand this intellectually. I believe that only goes so far. The mind can’t really grasp this. It does however appear that a very strong mind simply takes longer to exhaust itself. It’s as if we have to take this in intellectually, as well as with the heart, and intuition. But, at some point it is all dropped.

    As long as their is a doer seeking enlightenment, it can’t happen. The doer has to drop! The doer is the separateness, the keeper of the separateness. So, if the doer is present, enlightenment is not possible. Again, the doer has to exhaust itself.


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